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About Us

Guangzhou Flooring Co., Ltd. specializes in anti-static floor production, sales, computer room design, decoration and construction in one of the professional manufacturers. With a group of high-quality technical personnel and management personnel. The company production of anti-static movable floor designated by the State Department's appraisal, quality reached the domestic advanced level, convenient assembly, height can be adjusted freely, interchangeability and flexibility is good, room related products preferred. The company has a full set of automatic tensile, spot welding, veneer and so on all steel anti-static floor and all steel OA network floor production equipment. The product quality has been approved by the Ministry of information industry and the quality supervision and inspection center, and the products are widely applicable to all kinds of computer rooms with an annual output of 1 million square meters. The company's main products are intelligent building OA full steel floor, room for all steel anti-static floor, clean room dedicated PVC floor, anti-static movable floor ventilation, calcium sulfate composite floor, all steel no border static floor, Aluminum Alloy anti-static movable floor, all steel anti-static ceramic the floor. The company has a professional anti-static floor laboratory, can independently complete the floor central load test, rolling test, impact test, anti-static performance testing. In product development and design, to achieve a pioneering, breakthrough, to enrich a wide range of products and international products directly connected, allowing customers to enjoy a higher, more intimate, more convenient environment. The impact of the company is not limited to the industry, but more importantly, its strong radiation can lead to a more active and sensible product purchase model. Make it easier for customers to identify and use appropriate products. The quality of the product is the foundation of the enterprise, and the interests of the user are above everything else! Choose us because of quality products, reasonable prices, intimate service! Sincerely hope that you understand, in the future work can have good business cooperation. The company's main products: all steel anti-static flooring, ventilation anti-static flooring, anti-static flooring, wood flooring, calcium sulfate ceramic anti-static anti-static flooring, OA network floor, products strictly in accordance with national and industry standards for production, follow the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification and Intertek international certification of production, service management, product has been widely used in high-grade office buildings, telecommunications room, television room, purification plant, petroleum and petrochemical control center, data center and colleges etc.. The company spirit of "excellence, honesty and trustworthiness" spirit of enterprise, dedicated to provide customers with high quality anti-static floor, with a full range of products to serve your project.